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Herberger Young Scholars Academy – Arizona State University West

Green Ideas has teamed up with Architect Magazine Top 50 ranked design firm Marlene Imirzian & Associates Architects! We were brought into the project to assist with the sustainable and high-performance design elements of a new academic building for Arizona State University. The final design program fosters a highly collaborative and hands-on learning environment for gifted students and is slated to open in Fall 2017.

Current Project Status

The project is now under construction! Green Ideas’ Principal Charlie Popeck and Project Manager Margaret Blake visited the site on February 28th, 2016 where they were able to snap a few photos of the jobsite.

Haydon Building Corp. is at the helm for construction. Green Ideas will continue to be engaged with the project team to execute sustainable and high-performance design requirements throughout the construction and operations process.

Please click the photo below to view a time-lapse of construction process – Thanks Haydon Building Corp. for providing the feed!

Thanks for making us a part of the team Marlene!

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